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Herbal Grass Jelly – The Perfect Natural Remedy

Herbal Grass Jelly – The Perfect Natural Remedy

Herbal grass jelly is a popular snack found in Vietnam and various Southeast Asian countries, known for its exciting and refreshing taste. However, not many people are aware of the abundance of health benefits that grass jelly provides.

The main ingredient of herbal grass jelly, Mesona Chinensis Benth (‘Suong Sao’ in Vietnamese) can be commonly found in the wild in Cao Bang, a mountainous area in Northern Vietnam. For the longest time, Mesona Chinensis Benth has been used by the locals as a natural remedy for many health problems.

Let’s discover five main health benefits of this tasty snack that you’ve probably not heard of yet.

1. Promoting a digestive health:

Alkaloids, Vitamin B and Vitamin C are just some of the chemical compounds that can be found in Mesona Chinensis which not only are good for gut health and also soothe stomach problems such as diarrhea, heartburn or constipation.

High in fibre, grass jelly will also help refresh and cleanse of your digestive system, speeding up bowel movement.

2. A great snack for weight control:

Super low in calories, high in fibre and water, grass jelly is the perfect snack for your weight loss journey.

Compared to boba/tapioca pearls and other sweetened jelly, grass jelly holds a much lower calorie count.

3. Lowering Sugar Level:

Traces of chlorophyll and bcdenzilsokuinolin can be found in Mesona Chinensis. These two chemical compounds are great for regulating your sugar level and lowering blood cholesterol levels, making grass jelly diabetic friendly. Chlorophyll is also great for antimicrobial purposes.

4. A mouthful of the best natural nourishments:

Vitamin A and B, polyphenol, saponin, flavonoid, alkaloids, cardioplegicum can all be found in grass jelly. These chemical compounds are great for improving your immune system as well as combating mild fevers. In fact, the roots of Mesona Chinensis contain fragments of alkaloid which is used to treat malaria.

5. An effective antidote against cancer:

Aside from all those listed above, Mesona Chinensis also includes antioxidants such as isokandrodendrin and S-S tetandrin, compounds that are potent in removing tumor cells, especially in kidney, breast and cervical cancer.


Perhaps grass jelly isn't the cure-all medicine that will solve all of your health issues, however its benefits to your body and mind have been passed on through generations.

Treat it as a healthy snack that you can feast on anytime and anywhere, and enjoy it along with a balanced diet to get all the best results from this natural wonder.




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