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Tropical Fruit Tea – A Healthy Beverage for All Seasons

Tropical Fruit Tea with Grass Jelly

Being a tropical country, Vietnam has access to the best tropical fruits that mother nature has to provide. Lychee, mango, peaches, you name it all! Mix these aromatic fruit with a cup of tea, either drink it warm or pour it over ice for a delicious summer treat. Don't forget to jazz it up with some Grass Jelly, then you will get the perfect Tropical Fruit Tea!

Sound good? Let's make one together with our very own recipe, which is simple enough for you to make at home yet authentic to preserve the taste of traditional Vietnamese Tropical Fruit Tea.



What you will need:

The two most important ingredients of the Tropical Fruit Tea, obviously, are tea and fruits. As for the main ingredient, the tea itself, we’ve chosen to keep it simple. A tea bag (whichever brand, but our favourite is Lipton), a few tablespoons of sugar depending on your taste and a passion fruit should do the trick.

For this particular recipe, we have opted to use mango, watermelon and apples. Of course, feel free to experiment with other fruits as you like. Peaches, pineapples or lychees are also highly recommended.

To garnish, two slices of lime and some mint leaves would be optimal. The lime is ought to give a light touch of sour texture to the flavour, while mint and herbal jelly will always go along well.

Finally, an added touch of refreshment from our very own Herbal Grass Jelly. If you're wondering why Herbal Jelly and Fruit Tea. Well, because it just works! Trust us, the combination of tea, fruits and jelly will make you slurp on the drink like you’ve never done before! Not to mention, Vietnamese add grass jelly to just about most of their beverages or desserts.

To summarize, here is the optimal ingredient list for Jelly Bird’s Tropical Fruit Tea:

  • Herbal Grass Jelly
  • A 200gr tea bag (preferably Lipton)
  • Sliced mango (50gr)
  • Sliced watermelon (50gr)
  • Sliced apple (50gr)
  • Passion fruit (50gr)
  • 2 slices of lime
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar
  • Ice (150gr – optional)


Now, let us walk you through steps to make it:

Step 1: In order to make your base tea, start by pouring 350ml of boiling water with your bag of tea. Add in 3 tablespoons of sugar. Wait 30 minutes for the tea to cool down, then move it to a shaker. In the shaker, add 100gr of crushed ice (optional) and 50gr of passion fruit. Give it a good shake, and you are half way there!

Step 2: Slice your fruits and add them into a cup. Don’t forget the 2 slices of lime as well! If you're in the mood for an iced cold drink, add in another 50gr of ice.

Step 3: Just pour the tea you prepared from step 1 into the cup, add in 100 gr of diced Herbal Jelly (although we would usually add about 300 - 400gr, the more the better!). Garnish with some mint leaves and you’re all set! Simple, quick and convenient, yet so tasty.

The best part is, you can enjoy this recipe anytime of the day, whether morning, during your lunch break or afternoon. Even as a bedtime snack, though we would recommend Chamomile tea for a better sleep.

During the summer, we would always prepare the based tea beforehand and store it in the fridge so that we wouldn’t have to wait for the tea to cool down. However, during winter, we would just have it warm with some good old fashioned Herbal Grass Jelly!

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