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About our products

Jelly Bird is a registered trademark owned by Jelly Bird Co., Ltd. for its line of jelly products and nutritional foods.

The reason Jelly Bird jelly is called herbal jelly because its main ingredient is extracted from a type of herb called Mesona Chinensis Benth.

This herb is a precious herb of Vietnam as it contains many vital nutrients such as: 17 amino acids, fiber, pectin, polyphenols, flavonoids,… There are many scientific studies in Vietnam and around the world that have proven the effect of Mesona Chinensis on health such as good for the digestive system, cooling, cooling the liver, help curing diabetes, heart disease, and reduce blood pressure, …

In addition to the herbal extracts ingredients, Jelly Bird’s Light product line uses Stevia extracts to replace regular sugar, which make this line of prduct suit perfectly for those who are concern about their calories intake. Jelly Bird Light also adds the nutritional fiber Fibersol-2, which reduces the absorption of fat from meals. As a result, this will be a great choice for those who are on a diet.

It’s hard to describe the taste exacty but Jelly Bird has an unique aroma of herbs, a slight bitterness to the tongue  and sweet aftertaste. Its texture is one of Jelly Bird many charms, chewy yet soft and jiggling, the jelly melt in your mouth in every bite are all what you should be expected from our jelly.

With 100% plant-based ingredients, Jelly Bird does not use any preservatives or additives, so you can be rest assured when using our product for the whole family, including children. That being said, Jelly Bird does not recommend feeding young children our jelly withou adult supervision .

Enjoy the original taste of our jelly by eating it directly or adding our jelly to your favorite daily drinks such as milk, yogurt, tea or coffee.

Check out recipes recommended by Jelly Bird at:

  • Website: “Creative Kitchen”
  • Fanpage: Jelly Bird 
  • Instagram: @jellybird.dessert

Jelly Bird’s packaging is entirely made of eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

A can of Jelly Bird Classic contains 37 calories / 100g

A can of Jelly Bird Light contains 12 calories / 100g

Thanks to the application of modern production technology, one can of Jelly Bird grass jelly has a shelf life of 2 years under normal storage conditions without the use of preservatives.

After opening, it needs to be store in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.

About our website

Jelly Bird website is an electronic information portal created for the purpose of buying and selling goods and providing services, from displaying and introducing goods and services to entering into contracts and providing  payment and after-sales.

Absolutely NOT, we have the same price on all of our retail platforms.

Although we do have a difference pricing policy for Affiliates and Distributors.

Please contact us via our hotline: +44 7935 649743

Or via email:

You can also contact us on social media: Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM

Different issues need differennt resolves, so the timing can be vary, however, we will try our best to assist you as soon as possible after you contact Jelly Bird customer supporting center.

Membership policy

By joining our membership program, customers got the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts, points redemption, birthday gifts and many other benefits.

By creating an account on Jelly Bird website with only a few simple steps you will become a member and receive all the benefits from our policy.

If you need help resetting your password:

– Click “Forgot my password” and insert your user ID

– Check your mail box for password reset email

– Click onto the provided URL in your email and insert your new password.

You can also contact us via our hotline to get support on changing your password.

Go to My Account and change the information you want.

YES, you can use your points to exchange to E-voucher and pay for the order like any normal order on our website.

Select the availale E-voucher and applied the voucher before making the payment for the order.


All the latest news regardings the promotions and upcoming events will be updated on our website, fanpage and via email. If you’re a Jelly Bird subscriber/ member, you’ll receive a monthly Newsletter email or more from us. All you have to do is to subscribe and you will be the first to know when there are hot deals and news coming from Jelly Bird.

For regular customers, Jelly Bird applies different promotion and discount policies depending on the membership class that the customer owns. In some special cases like special orders or partner orders… Jelly Bird will contact you directly to discuss specific offers.

For wholesaler and partners, these policies will have certain changes and written on the contracts or sales agreements between the Jelly Bird and partners.

Order and Shipping

Customers can place order on our website or contact us directly via houtline. You can also DM  us on our social medias.

Yes if your choose to order using website.

Yes, you can track your order through the email and phone number you provided when making your order.

If you have not received an order confirmation email, please contact our hotline +44 7935 649743 so that we can support you check and/ or replace your order.

You can only cancel your web order before it has been processed for delivery. Please call hotline: +44 7935 649743 for order cancellation and other support.

Delivery time depends on your area and the delivery method you choose. To know exactly the time of delivery please contact our hotline directly to get immediate support.

Shipping fee depends on the the location you choose for shipping. Therefore, the applicable shipping fee can be varies between inner city and suburban areas, and between provinces.

Please contact us via hotline or email:

You can also contact us on social fan pages: Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

You can add it to your Favorites List, you will be notified when we  have it restock.

We are sorry but you cannot place an order once the item is out of stock. However, you can put it in the Favorites List and we wil notify you as soon as the we have the item in stok


We accept both cash and credit cards (ATM, Master Card, Visa) as payment.

Please contact us via hotline or email:

You can also contact us on social fan pages: Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

Please contact us via hotline or email:

You can also contact us on social fan pages: Facebook Messenger, Instagram.

Exchange and Return

Customer is advised to double check the quality and quantity of products delivered by Jelly Bird’s driver or by courier service once they are delivered. You have the right to refuse to receive the product in case of any problems incure, and please contact us within 24 hours for further assistance: exchange or refund.

Becaus of certain condition regardings our products, once you sign the receipt, you agree that the product may not be returned under any circumstances.

You can refuse to receive the goods when our driver delivers it to you when this happend. For further assistant, lease contact us via hotline or email:

We are very sorry about this inconvenience but the answer is NO. Please contact directly where you purchased the product if you need any support regardings your order.

Unfortunately, once the order is being shipped to you, you cannot cancel it. We only accept returns when our products are damaged or wrongly delivered.

The refund after being verified by Jelly Bird and the  Bank will be sent back to the customer’s bank account in 7-45 business days depending on customer’s bank account.


If you found out someone is logging in and using your account, please immediately contact us through hotline to temporarily lock your account. We’ll reopen your account once you’ve safely set your new password.

If there were any inconvenience during the purchase or experience of products and services, website experience… customers can send feedback to email address: or hotline +44 7935 649743. We will try to contact you for support as soon as possible.

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