The next generation of Grass Jelly!

Made from 100% natural herbs from Northern Mountains of Vietnam, each herbal jelly can of Jelly Bird has to go through a strict quality control process. Using the top notch production line, Jelly Bird is proud to be the number 1 high quality herbal jelly in Vietnam. From European countries to Vietnam, Jelly Bird commited to bring customers the best jelly experience.

Boost your health with
the power of superfood
Mesona Chinensis


Wholesome Taste

Naturally sweet and with a chewy texture that is unique to Jelly Bird.


Low-calorie & High in Fibre

As low as 16kcal per 100gr – not just guilt free but packed with nutritions that power you.


Brain Power

Boost your energy, gut health and mental clarity with 7 Essential Amino Acids, Flavonoids, Polyphenol.

Better Ingredients, Better Creative!

There’s nothing that a scoop of grass jelly can’t solve! Dive right into our Creative Kitchen cause we got all the good recipes for “the best grass jelly in town” that you probably wouldn’t wanna miss!

Mesona Chinensis is a precious gift from the Northern Mountains of Vietnam. It is rich nutrients and carries full of health benefits. 

Value this precious gift dearly, we hope  to introduce pure Vietnamese products to our international friends

Build yourself a healthy and full of laughter lifestyle with Jelly Bird to enjoy life better with your family and friends.

Phạm TươiNguyễn Mai PhươngTrần An


Làm văn phòng ún trà sữa, ăn bánh ngọt các thứ cứ sợ mặp bụng, nay đã có thạch Jelly Bird Việt Nam rùiiii Ăn vừa ngon mà lại vừa mi nhon 😋
Phạm Tươi Nhân viên văn phòng
Vị thanh nhẹ, packaging đẹp, rất hợp mang biếu tặng. Giá cả phải chăng, hạn sử dụng lâu. Sẽ mua lại mỗi khi thèm thạch!
Nguyễn Mai Phương Nhân viên văn phòng
Thạch Sương Sáo Jelly Bird mát lạnh, vị dịu nhẹ, giòn giòn, dai dai cũng làm tan chảy cái nắng nóng mùa hè và một vị khách khó tính như mình.
Trần An Kinh doanh tự do


The main reason why Jelly Bird jelly is know as herbal jelly because its main ingredient is extracted from the a type of herb called Mesona Chinensis

Mesona Chinensis is a precious herb of Vietnam with many nutrients such as: 17 kinds of amino acids, fiber, pectin, polyphenols, flavonoids, etc. There are many scientific studies in Vietnam and around the world that have proven the use of this herb in medical field. According to studies, the effects of Mesona Chinensic on health including good for the digestive system, help in cooling the liver and treating diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc.

Aside from herbal extracts components, Light product line of Jelly Bird uses Stevia extracts as a replacement to regular sugar which helps you fully enjoy the delicious taste of the product without having to worry about the calories loaded into the body. In addition, extra nutritional fiber Fibersol-2, which reduces the absorption of fat from meals is also included, thus, Jelly Bird Light will be a great choice for customers who are on a diet.

Jelly Bird does not use any preservatives or additives in the product, so you can be rest assured when buying this for the whole family, especially the children.

We use the most advanced production technology – the latest type in Vietnam, which we are extremely proud to introduce to our customers. Thanks to the process of “Sterilization – Canning”, Jelly Bird’s products always keep the freshness, natural characteristic flavor of Mesona Chinensis while still ensuring 3 NOs:

– NO preservatives 

– NO fragrances or colorants

– NO microorganisms and pesticide residues.

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