What is Grass Jelly

Herbal Grass Jelly or Grass Jelly for short is a traditional beverage or dessert that made of a type of herb called Mesona Chinensis. Though it’s a dessert, the natives believed it offers both health and wellness benefits.  Often classified as antioxidant, anti-cancer, antibacterial and anti-hypertensive (which means it helps fight high blood pressure), grass jelly is able to fight off potentially harmful bacteria that can cause sickness and infection, protect against cancer and boost the immune sysem.

What is Grass Jelly made of?
Mesona Chinensis
Sound familiar?

Since long ago, Mesona Chinensis has always been well-known as one of Vietnam’s precious herbs. Grown on the high mountains in the North of Vietnam such as Cao Bang, Lang Son, the plant needs no human helping hands to develop to maturity. Steep hillside facing all the sun and wind, with extremely harsh climate conditions is an ideal environment for the plant to grow and give the best quality.

In the past, Mesona Chinensis was widely used in traditional medicine owing to its medical function including curing colds, antipyretic, soothing the liver, good for the digestive system, and assisting curing high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle aches and acute hepatitis. Besides, there are many scientific studies around the world that have proven the many great effects on the health of Mesona Chinensis Benth as it include ingredients such as: 17 amino acids (including 7 essential amino acids for the body), polyphenol antioxidant compounds, flavonoids, nutrient fiber,… that are good for the body,

Potential alternative meals

Jelly Bird is more than just a snack delight; it’s your trusted companion in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle owing to its profound effect on our health and low calories input. Many studies (including ours) on Mesona Chinesis Benth have shown that this is one of the best medicines for those with diabetes, heart diseases or blood pressure,…

Passion of the growers

In this condition, Mesona Chinensis Beth will be able to create strong gels, short thick-leaved plants and give a richer flavor than those grown in plains or field land. But also because of that, it will be more difficult for people in the growing area to make the soil, fertilize and eradicate harmful insects. Because of this, the careful selection of the raw material area is the key to produce the  products with perfect quality and taste. After analyzing all plant samples and soil samples of the growing regions, Jelly Bird chooses Thach An – Cao Bang as the main raw material area. At the same time, we work with the locals and local authorities to develop cooperation plans to develop and promote this potential plant.

3 raw materials controlling check points

  • When purchasing, Jelly Bird always asks for receipts to verify the origin of raw materials so that we can retrieve them later before putting them into storage.
  • With each batch of raw materials in stock, Jelly Bird takes samples and sends them for inspection to ensure that before putting into production, the raw materials do not contain pesticide residues, mold or yeast.
  • Periodic annual inspections with all raw materials and finished products.
The key point for this strict control process is the self-management, quality control of input materials, ensuring the best quality product so that Jelly Bird will always be the consumers’ first choice. 

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

Mesona Chinensis needs at least 6 months ripe in terms of flavor. The pungent smell of the plant will slowly fade and the signature aroma of the herb will get stronger over time, thus, the management of raw materials is an important factor. Maintaining ventilation and dryness while keeping a standard temperature and humidity balance in the warehouse helps the plant stay unaffected by the climate, and at the same time limit the growth of mold and yeast. Jelly Bird’s factory always plans to purchase raw materials at least 1 year in advance to better control the quantity and quality, thereby stabilizing the supply and demand of consumers. 

Strive for perfection

3 preliminary processing steps, 2 hours of stewing, 2 filtrations, 60 minutes of sterilization and 15 days of storaging to produce a can of Jelly Bird. It is not only the thoroughness, but also the enthusiasm with lots of brain cells of our many years experience research team. Each and every step in the production process is strictly in accordance with international food safety and hygiene standards. With the leading modern, large-scale boiler and production line in Vietnam, Jelly Bird is proud to be the first 100% plant-based herbal jelly product in Vietnam that does not use any preservatives, additives and artificial flavorings.

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