Grass Jelly vs Flavored Jelly?

Have you ever had a difficult time choosing between grass jelly (herbal jelly) and flavored jelly? If the answer is yss then today is your lucky day cause Jelly Bird hase come to the rescue to save you from this dilemma once and for all.

Are you ready? Let’s find out the difference between the two right away!

Grass Jelly

Flavored Jelly

The diffence of the two firstly lies on their appearance, colors to be exact.

In its original form, herbal jelly will take a puce color and gradually turn darker depending on the density of the jelly essence.

Flavored jelly, on the other hand, comes in an entirely different look. Initially, the jelly is white almost transparent so the color of jelly can also be changed depending on the flavoring combination of the jelly.

In terms of ingredients, grass jelly is made 100% from herbs and the main type of herb is Mesona Chinensis Benth.

Flavored jelly use seaweed leaves as its main ingredient. In addition, depending on each person’s taste, different flavors are also added so the flavor of fruit jelly are much more diverse.

The taste of herbal jelly is therefore might be bitter at the beginning but the aftertaste would be the sweet taste of herbal.

The fruit jelly often leaves a very light fishy taste from the seaweed, however, the flavor can always be added altering to the eater’s taste so the fishy scent is usually very faint.

Owing to its natural ingredients, herbal jelly has the effect of providing a number of healthy benefits such as heat cooling, detoxifying, lowering cholesterol and protecting the body from some diseases such as colds and flu. or diabetes.

Meanwhile the seaweed inside flavored jelly has the effects of regenerating cells and anti-aging.

Are you on team grass jelly or flavored jelly? Pick a team and enjoy your favorite dessert today!

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