Jelly Bird for a healthy Family Menu

You might already know but Jelly Bird’s grass jelly is not only delicious but also extremely nutritious! We all know that grass jelly has so many health benefits, but how do we eat them both deliciously and healthilt? Today, Jelly Bird decided to bring you a nutritional menu suggestion with grass jelly for the whole family that will sure satisfy you.

Researches have shown that everyone needs the same basic nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. However, depending on our age, we will need these nutrients in different amounts.

While children from the age of 5 to 8 need only 1200-1800 calories per day; from 9-13, children need slightly more calories from 1800-2200 calories. At the age when growing is so important, with the sweet tooth of most children, having Jelly Bird with fruit yogurt, soy milk, douhou or a favorite bowl of cereal every morning would be a great choice to satisfy the little ones taste bud while still giving them the required nutritions!

Not only children, Jelly Bird can absolutely become a treat that even mom and dad can enjoy with their favorite foods or drinks every day! Every morning, Dad would never leave the house without a little caffeine to start a productive day, and for some coincidence, coffee combined with Jelly Bird grass jelly is one of the must-try dishes owing to its unique yet attractive scent that only when jelly and coffee combined together you would be able to feel.

If Dad loves the rich and addictive taste of coffee, Mom always loves to try out different drinks. What can we say, Mom sure is Jelly Bird’s soulmate because Jelly Bird grass jelly can be added to so many delicious dishes for Mom. One of the combos that is loved by many and especially Mom is Jelly Bird and Greek yogurt. Why? Just because moms can choose so many different toppings from fruits, grains and more to enjoy to the fullest. . And it’s even better when it’s a combo that the whole family can enjoy together because of its diversity. Not just food, Jelly Bird is also a “best of friend” topping because we don’t want to brag but grass jelly is suitable for almost any drink! You can have fruit juice smoothies with Jelly Bird, or even detox water with Jelly Bird cubes or shredded and enjoy your drink in the most delicious way.

Not only the young, Jelly Bird is also a dish that grandparents can enjoy every day. Unlike the young, the elders cannot take in a large amount of nutrients at once, but that does not mean that the required calories will be less, so Jelly Bird will indeed be a right choice for their menu. Not only providing a sufficient amount of calories – only 12 calories, but Jelly Bird grass jelly is also very easy to eat owing to its naturally sweet taste and soft texture. That being said, Jelly Bird jelly has enough credential to become a food that both Grandma and Grandpa will love. So easy to combine with drink such as herbal tea or beauty tea, or food like bird’s nest is always Jelly Bird’s proud and joy whenever being asked about its many great strengths because these combinations are all grandparents’s favorites.

What do you think of Jelly Bird’s suggestions? Find this information useful? Stay tuned for more articles on the Jelly Bird website!

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