Jelly Bird in Eat-clean menu

You are well too familiar with the eat clean diet but have not once heard of the eat clean menu with grass jelly? Believe it or not, grass jelly should absolutely become a part of your daily healthy eating menu! In today’s Healthy Bird Corner, let’s explore your very first the Eat clean menu with grass jelly together!

Just like how you can create your own eat-clean menu that is both healthy and tasty, the eat clean menu with grass jelly also offer so many different combinations for you to enjoy  and pamper your taste bud.

Kick-off a new day with your favorite smoothie, fruits or vegetables is definitely healthier for your body than a cup of milk tea don’t you think? But I guess, most of the time milk tea with lots of toppings still seem so much more tempting won’t you agree? This might hard to believe but grass jelly can actually change the game completely. The soft, smooth and naturally sweet taste of grass jelly is the perfect topping for your smoothie bowl without adding so little calories to your body! Find this tempting? Well, there’s even more to eat.

If you are wondering whether you can combine Jelly Bird with your detox drink, the answer is absolutely yes. A tip for you, Jelly Bird only holds 12 calories a completely insignificant amount, so if you’re thinking of a “cheat” topping that doesn’t “cheat” then shred or chop Jelly Bird grass jelly and enjoy right away with your detox drink!

Not just a type of topping to accompany drinks, grass jelly can also be enjoyed separately. Whether having Jelly bird as snacks, lunch or dinner in your eat-clean menu it’s your decision to make. What is your choice? Are they gonna be fruits with light sour taste like strawberries or blueberries, or you like sweet ones like frozen mango dices hay slices of jackfruit better? Whichever it is, I bet they all will be the perfect fit for summer without feeling guilty about an still get to enjoy your favorite treats.

Đó có thể là những loại hoa quả mang vị chua nhè nhẹ như dâu tây hay nho đen; hay với những cô nàng hảo ngọt, những viên xoài đông lạnh hay những miếng mít dày và tươi cuộn lại trong hương vị cốt dừa thơm ngậy chắc chắn là một lựa chọn không tồi một chút nào để xua đi cái nóng mùa hè mà không cảm thấy tội lỗi khi thưởng thức những món ăn mình ưa thích. 

Fruits and grass jelly doesn’t hype you up? Well worry not cause there are still many other menus waiting for you to explore! Keep following Jelly Bird for more fun and delicious jelly combinations and maybe you will get just exactly what you love!

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