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Jelly Bird Classic

Enjoy the original herbal taste with 100% natural and healthy Jelly Bird Classic.


  • Box of 4 cans
  • Box of 12 cans
  • Box of 36 cans

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Box of 4 cans, Box of 12 cans, Box of 36 cans

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Not just the jelly that you’re bound to fall for at first glance

It is the jelly that makes you can’t help but keep glancing and think about…

If you often wonder what you would find in your old pal Grass Jelly then wonder no more. The mysterious black from the Mesona Chinensis Benth extract, the aromatic herbal scent and the tasts of all the sun and wind on the high high hills, each and each of these elements are well-put into each piece of the smooth and delicious jelly of ours. It is both cool and slightly bitter to enjoy, leaving a sweet aftertaste with a refreshing herbal aroma.

Not only helps cooling the liver and reducing inner heat, Jelly Bird contains a variety of essential amino acids for the body, fiber, Flavonoids, antioxidant compounds Polyphenols that are good for digestive system and help reduce high blood pressure  and diabetes.

  • NO pesticides
  • NO preservatives
  • NO allergen
  • Gluten-free

🌿 Jelly Bird Light is highly recommended for diet(37calories/100 g) and vegan.

🌿 Our delicious and smooth jelly has to go under a strict international standards quality control process. Jelly Bird has already available and widely loved in England, France and Australia markets. So you can be rest assured that you are using the best quality product.

Net weight: 360gr/can

Product Specification: Combo 2, Combo 6, Combo 12, Combo 24

Ingredients: Mesona Chinensis Benth extract, water, Stevia extract, starch, soluble fibre.

Usage: Enjoy the natural freshness by eating the jelly seperatelt or adding it to your daily drinks such as milk, yogurt, tea or coffee. Better when eaten cold. The liquid extracted from the grass jelly inside the product is drinkable.

EXP: 2 years

Keep the product under a cool and dry condition, away from direct sunlight. Once opened, it needs to be put in the refrigerator and used within 3 days.